BORZ Prime MAXIMUS 2 in 1-kartenetui-smart-wallet-slim-geldbeutel-geldbörse-Black-BORZ PrimeBORZ Prime MAXIMUS 2 in 1-kartenetui-smart-wallet-slim-geldbeutel-geldbörse-Carbon-BORZ Prime

MAXIMUS 2 in 1

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BORZ Prime card case

the smart wallet of the future

These are Maxus I and Maxus II from BORZ Prime: high-quality card cases from extra soft full grain leather with anti-theft RFID protection. At a time when this With cashless payments becoming the norm, the smart wallet is gaining popularity. It's also clear, because if you don't like carrying around a large wallet with you, you will opt for a practical alternative, the light as a feather and ready to hand in the inside pocket of a jacket. We at BORZ Prime offer you this compact design with our smart card cases - manufactured with technical finesse and equipped with digital tools - as a stylish all-in-one Solution. Thanks to the RFID protective layer built into the aluminum case, you don't have to worry about the security of your EC cards. Exclusively with us get the integrated digital business card in cooperation with oneVcard – simply download the app, enter data and you're done! Once you now have a smartphone Holding their Maxus II card case, they can share their contact information quickly and easily. A unnoticed data theft is almost impossible thanks to the integrated RFID blocker.

BORZ Prime card cases: smart, compact, elegant

Our card cases are very compact - your personal style can be enhanced with a variety Color choices can still be asserted. Our soft smooth leather in top quality are available in the timeless color variants black and brown. For a conspicuous The carbon look is recommended for a modern touch. When choosing your aluminum case you can give your card case an extra touch. Here you have the choice Twelve different colors - from subtle to trendy - to match your personal style Style. Not only EC cards and bills can be found in BORZ Prime credit card cases your place. Do you also like to have some small change in the coin compartment for the Parking ticket machines or for the nice service in the restaurant? No problem! she When purchasing your Maxus II, you can decide whether you want a coin compartment.

The BORZ Prime 2 in 1 wallet with card case - the modern classic

For those who do not want to part with the classic wallet, but not on one If you want to do without a light design, there is our 2 in 1 Wallet Maximus removable card case and note compartments. As well as Maxus I and Maxus II Maximus made of 100% leather. The card case inside is very flexible take out and be separated as a business card case if necessary.